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Works related to the procedure of obtaining the conditions to be fulfilled for Building Permit.

Here we can offer the following works:
  • Evaluation of investment environmental impact
  • Preparation of civil engineering project and other documents (including environmental protection) required to obtain Building Permit from the Polish Authorities.
  • In case the technical civil engineering documentation was made by a foreign engineering company, we can offer the nostrification of such documentation according to the Polish civil engineering law, standards, and the approval by Polish certified engineers.
  • Collecting of necessary documents in compliance with the Polish law.

Delivery of machinery and equipment

We co-operate with a number of Polish and abroad companies producing different types of mechanical equipment, steel structures, stairs, platforms and so on.
In addition, some of the heavy elements of the equipment offered by abroad companies can be manufactured locally. It influences the overall cost of the offer.
The works can be performed in compliance with the Customer’s wish and according to the DIN, EN, ISO, and PN Standards.

Our offer of co-operation can be broaden depending on your requirements. We do hope that it will arise your interest.
We are an engineering company providing services mainly for the
cement, lime, gypsum, metalurgy, food, paper and energy industry.
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